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WETREAT Health Assistant

Mobile , UI/UX , Software
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CRM-based online health services and health consultancy platform

We Are Pleased to Introduce Our Web-Based Application Developed for Health Tourism

Wetreat is a CRM-based online health services and health consultancy platform. Through this platform, you can create a detailed plan for the health services you wish to receive from Turkey by adding choices of various services such as accommodation, translation, and transportation. You can then obtain offers for the best service. Designed with flexibility and user-friendliness in mind, our platform allows for a comprehensive and customized approach to managing your health tourism needs.

Incursor Project Image

Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image

Wetreat includes a video conferencing module and a patient management module, each designed to streamline the health services experience. The system also boasts complete email integration, ensuring seamless communication and operations. These features collectively enhance customer satisfaction by providing a highly efficient and interactive platform tailored to the needs of health tourism.

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