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Our Story.

For over nine years, INCURSOR Technology and Consulting has been at the forefront of delivering innovative, engineering-based R&D solutions across various industries through a multidisciplinary team approach. We excel in creating customized software, electronics, and mechanical solutions, engaging in robust R&D efforts, and offering expert consultancy for TÜBİTAK projects. Our bespoke interactive software solutions encompass mobile apps, games, desktop applications, and web platforms, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, IoT, and Blockchain to deliver comprehensive electronic and mechanical solutions.

At INCURSOR, we cherish diverse perspectives and champion innovative approaches, committing ourselves to provide cutting-edge, smart technological solutions. We strive to contribute significant value to our fast-evolving country and the global community by developing creative and original solutions across multiple sectors, including education, health, agriculture, and the arts. Our vision is to create impactful opportunities by collaborating with visionary companies in the business world and to realize major global projects that contribute to national and international technological progress.

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Customized Software Development

We specialize in designing bespoke software solutions that leverage advanced technologies like AI and Blockchain. Our offerings range from mobile apps and games to comprehensive desktop and web platforms, tailored to meet specific business needs.

Electronics and Mechanical Engineering

Our team excels in creating sophisticated electronic and mechanical solutions that integrate seamlessly with IoT devices. We focus on enhancing functionality and efficiency, vital for transforming ideas into innovative products.

Research and Development Consultancy

We provide expert consultancy services for R&D projects, including guidance on TÜBİTAK initiatives. Our multidisciplinary approach helps clients navigate complex challenges and secure funding to propel technological advancements.

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