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Sun Tracker

Industrial , Hardware , Electronic , Embedded
Pvsis Enereji
Güneş Takip Sistemi, güneş enerjisi verimliliğinizi maksimuma çıkarır.

Reliable domestic solution to achieve maximum efficiency in solar panel farms.

Meet the Solar Tracking System that controls the direction and speed of 300W 24V DC motor, equipped with advanced sensors and reliable communication infrastructure. This system is designed to maximize the performance of your solar panels.

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency:
    Increases energy efficiency by optimizing the position of your solar panels.
  • Reliable Communication:
    RS 485 hardware infrastructure and MODBUS RTU protocol ensure reliable data transmission even over long distances.
  • Durability:
    IP-protected box and corrosion-resistant sockets provide years of durability in harsh weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:
    Thanks to its modular structure, it can be easily replaced and adapted in case of failure.
  • Real-Time Monitoring:
    Continuously monitor and optimize your solar tracking system with real-time data.
Incursor Project Image

Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image

Solar Tracking System maximizes your solar energy efficiency and reduces your energy production costs. Thanks to its 300W 24V DC motor and advanced sensors, it provides more energy production by optimizing the position of solar panels. With closed-loop control, it remains fixed at the desired angle and offers real-time data transmission. Durable IP-protected structure and liquid-proof sockets ensure long life in harsh weather conditions. With RS 485 hardware infrastructure and MODBUS RTU protocol, it provides simultaneous and reliable management of multiple devices. Its modular design is easily adaptable and cost-effective in case of failures or project changes.

Product Features

Motor Control and Sensors
  • 300W 24V DC Motor:
    Provides direction and speed control of your solar panels.
  • IMU Sensor:
    Can measure angle without the need for external sensors.
  • Magnetic Induction Angle Sensor:
    Can be added as an option.
  • External Inclinometer Input:
    Inclinometer can be connected for extra accuracy.
  • Limit Sensors:
    Two limit sensors can be connected.
  • Temperature Sensor:
    Measures and monitors ambient temperature.

Closed Loop Control
  • Position Fixing:
    Fixes the position at the desired angle.
  • Real Time Information:
    Provides instant information such as current angle, temperature, motor speed and direction.
Communication and Protocol
  • RS 485 Hardware Infrastructure:
    Reliable communication over long distances (~1200m).
  • MODBUS RTU Software Protocol:
    Convenient use of multiple devices simultaneously.
Dayanıklılık ve Koruma
  • IP Protection:
    Many years of operation in adverse weather conditions.
  • Liquid Proof Socket:
    Special corrosion resistant coating.
  • Modular Structure:
    Easy troubleshooting and adaptation to project changes.
  • Power and Status Indicators
  • Internal Power Supply:
    Operation by connecting directly to the mains.
  • Status LEDs:
    Operating status notifications with three LEDs.
Addressable Devices
  • 256 Devices:
    Addressable on the same cabling as the repeater.

Incursor Project Image

Areas of Use

  • Solar Power Plants:
    Orientation of solar panels and increased efficiency.
  • Rooftop Solar Systems:
    Use of solar tracking systems in homes and commercial buildings.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation:
    Optimizing solar-powered systems in agricultural areas.
  • Industrial Applications:
    Energy efficiency in factories and industrial plants.