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Smart Performance Tracking System For Textile

Hardware , Industrial , Electronic , Software
LCWaikiki , ADF Mühendislik
General Project Description

We Empower Textile Production with Real-Time, Data-Driven Insights through Our Software and Hardware Solutions.

This is an innovative platform where we revolutionize textile production using cutting-edge software and hardware solutions. Our IoT-based smart performance tracking module is designed to provide real-time insights, enhancing efficiency and productivity in textile workshops.

This project was developed for LC Waikiki and initially piloted in five cities. It is now being used extensively across Turkey in both LC Waikiki’s workshops and subcontracted facilities.

  • Interactive Touchscreen Tablet Interface:
    Real-time data display and control through an intuitive interface.
  • Seamless and Secure Hardware Communication:
    Custom connection sockets ensure delay-free and secure hardware interactions.
  • Wired and Wireless Connectivity:
    Flexible connection options to suit various workshop environments.
  • Quick Module Replacement:
    Modular design allows for changing production lines within 30 seconds.
  • User Feedback through Module Lights:
    Immediate hardware-level feedback for operational clarity.
  • Instant Module Replacement without Production Halts:
    Easy module swap in case of failure, keeping production uninterrupted.
Incursor Project Image

Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image

Comprehensive Configuration Capabilities

Our textile production tracking module connects to tablets via both wired and wireless methods, pulling all configurations from the software. This allows for precise settings such as:

  • Minimum production times for active tasks
  • Count steps for production tracking
  • Parameters for identifying defective production
  • Performance analysis metrics

These settings can be managed directly through the tablet interface or remotely via server software. Additionally, the system supports comprehensive controls for task selection, personnel management, and production line tracking.

Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image

Robust Communication and Data Analysis

The tablet interface software acts as an intermediary, facilitating hardware communication and IoT server interactions. With a specially developed hardware communication protocol, we ensure protected, delay-free, and secure data exchanges. Performance data collected by the tablet is analyzed through our custom algorithms and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

The analyzed data is transmitted to a central server via MQTT and RabbitMQ, allowing for real-time monitoring through our web application. The web application provides real-time visibility into production activities at multiple levels:

  • Performance Tracking for Authorized Personnel:
    Monitor production staff performance live.
  • Workshop Monitoring:
    Track production lines and personnel within each workshop.
  • Centralized Monitoring:
    Analyze the status of workshops across Turkey.
  • Customized Data Visualization:
    Follow workshop, city, region, and overall performance through detailed graphical interfaces.
  • Active and Passive Line Monitoring:
    Track the operational status of production lines.
  • Decision Support System:
    Plan future activities based on current data insights.
  • Task Assignment and Production Categories:
    Assign new tasks and define production categories.
  • Workshop-Specific Production and Distribution Definitions:
    Manage production and distribution details at the workshop level.

Join us in transforming textile production with our smart, data-driven solutions. Experience the power of real-time insights and elevate your workshop's productivity like never before.