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Crack Control Lighting System

Industrial , Hardware , Electronic , Embedded , Image Processing , Software , Automation
Zorel Makina
Fully automatic and semi-automatic lighting solutions for egg production facilities.

We Offer Superior Control on Image Processing and Lighting for Industrial Applications

This advanced lighting module offers exceptional customization and control for diverse industrial applications. It's designed with modularity and flexibility in mind, allowing for extensive scalability and precise environmental adjustment. Enhanced by a robust hardware interface and durable construction, this system ensures long-lasting performance and ease of use in challenging conditions.

Modular Design and Scalability

  • Each lighting module contains 40 LEDs, each rated at 5W. Thanks to its modular design, the lighting line can be extended in multiples of 40 through series connections.
  • The lighting module can be positioned in 15 parallel arrays, offering a wide working volume simultaneously.
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Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image
Incursor Project Image

Incursor Project Image

Control and Customization

  • It can be controlled via PLC using an RS 485 hardware infrastructure.
  • The input pulse can be set up to 2000 pulses, allowing incremental encoder products to be easily implemented into the system.
  • All settings can be precisely and easily adjusted using an external handheld terminal with a digital display.
  • The external handheld terminal can program up to 15 devices simultaneously.
  • The on-off controls of all LEDs can be managed through external inputs while adjustments are being made.

Environmental Adaptability and Durability

  • The connections are waterproof and corrosion-resistant due to a special coated socketing.
  • The special body without seam lines allows for easy cleaning.
  • Due to its IP protection, it is resistant to long-term liquid exposure.